• Folio Builder plug in crashed

    Hi, First of all, sorry for my non-fluent technical english. I have a big problem : I started to work on DPS last week. registered as a free user and sent and downloaded my first publication .zip. So far so good ! But after that, i wasn't able to sta

    February 10

  • Where to store shared libraries?

    Hi, We are using 9iAS rel 2, 9.0.3, We are deploying applications through EM. Where can I store the shared libraries (.jar files) so that they are shared by all the deployed applications? On rel 1, we used to store them under j2ee/hom/lib. Can someon

    February 9


    hi all my system is taking a lot of time to start any kind of applications even though the startup time is nice and desktop appears quickly i cannot launch any applications and it takes atleast 10 mins to launch firefox or any other program. i have c

    February 9

  • Where to store data (queued message handler)

    Hello, i'm developing an image processing application. As a template i'm using the 'queued message handler'. In my app I need to store some images, arrays, and so on in RAM. Now the question is  if i should store that data in the message loop's shift

    February 9

  • Thunderbird requests master password too slowly on offline startup

    I usually use Thunderbird offline. When I launch it this way Thunderbird takes several minutes to request the master password. This slows down my work and is a problem. How can I force Thunderbird to launch this request immediately on startup? TIA, -

    February 9

  • Where to store Job Descriptions

    Hi all, I know we have HRP 1002, but what is the best place to store job descriptions so that we can use it to post for open recks, store the skills. From a bigger picture, what is the best place to store the job descriptions?Hi Sammer, Can you be mo

    February 9

  • Indesign cc 2014crashes at startup while loading Trackers? What to do?

    Indesign cc 2014 crashes at startup while loading Trackers? What to do? I've a windows 8 64bit system all other adobe product work fine.Hi Puccio, Please try to reset the preferences of InDesign http://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/using/setting-preferenc

    February 9

  • Adobe DPS browser not iPad compatible...

    Is there any plans to fix this? I found it odd that the system is set up to create apps for the iPad but if I want to do anything I need to be sitting in front of iMac. But I can't add info via my iPad. Kinda sucks in a way for me since one of my edi

    February 9

  • Where to store variables

    Hi, I'm still in the process of learning TestStand and I'm trying to figure out the best place to store certain variables and constants that are used in our Tester. This includes things like more info on the UUT (SN's for components, what version of

    February 8

  • Adobe DPS Publish button

    Can someone tell the reason why the publish button appears disabled ( letters color gray)?One possibiliity is that a publishing attempt failed. In the Organizer, choose Publish Requests from the drop-down menu, and look for the folio with the dimmed

    February 8

  • Adobe DPS - Selectable text

    Hello everyone, I was curious, is there a way for someone reading text on your App to be able to select that text?  For example: If I was reading a page of text and saw a word that I wanted to select and copy, can this be done?  Im curious because I

    February 8

  • Adobe DPS device compatibility list

    We are getting lots of complaints that the our App works on some Kindles, some Nooks, some Android tablets, but not all. It would be very helpful to have a list of supported devices. What devices, brands are supported and what other requirements are

    February 8

  • Where to store a cryptographic key

    Hello, I've used DES to chyper configuration files in my application, now I have to store the DES key in a safe place. The only solution i've found is to store if in the class that use that key but it seem an example of "Hard coding", what's the

    February 8

  • Adobe DPS Web Viewer - Issues

    for some reason our free app is having issues being accessed with the web viewer. The folio was published as free, but when we try to share the article it just brings us to our website. We have published this folio the same way we have published all

    February 8

  • Where to store configuration about the outside world?

    I have an abap report that write files to a network share. I would like to store the information in a way that it won't get transferred to the QA system during system copy. How do you keep this kind of configuration outside of the database? Is there

    February 8

  • Old hyperlinks are retained (inappropriately) in thumbnail slideshows

    I assign hyperlinks to the hero images of a thumbnail slideshow. Later, I replace all of the images with new ones: new hero images are created. But the new heroes have the old hyperlinks still there. There should be NO hyperlinks with the new heroes.

    February 8

  • Why is cancelling so difficult?

    Adobe, so many threads on here - and discussions all over the web - about why is it so difficult to cancel a cloud subscription? I have been a subscriber for 3 years. My renewal date is end of March 2015. Why does your system send me around in a circ

    February 8

  • Where to store Trilogy data after using VST to AU adapter

    Hi everyone, I just use FXpansion to get my Trilogy working in logic, however, I don't know which place to store the data file of trilogy, thanksMore important question... Why aren't you using the Trilogy AU component? It's always worked flawlessly i

    February 8

  • Why/how is jquery.js automatically being placed into all pages

    I see that jquery.js is being automatically placed into all of my web pages (and this is a new App).  Any idea why this is happening and how it's being included? Here's how each of my pages start <html> <head>     <meta http-equiv="con

    February 8

  • Where to store "global variable" for a web application

    There are some "global" variables in my portal web application. e.g. email server name, admin email address etc. Will web.xml context-param a good place to store these kind of information? If so, how do I retrieve it back from a java class? It i

    February 7

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