Zen 2GB Battery Issue - Please help!

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$? I bought two Creative Zen 2GB as their battery life is up to 30 hours. I have a Microsoft Zune and it gets the 4 hours listed but both of the Zen's only get 0- hours per full charge. I fully charge, then run the recovery tool and run disk clean up, format, new firmware. I then add all mp3's at 28 bitrate, EQ off, bass off and keep the volume on 3. In the setup I the brightness down as far as it will go at 0%, I think you should be able to set it to 0%. But what am I missing to only get 0-2 hour max on these two new units? I recently read about Idle shutdown, but yesterday I charged the Zen 8 hours to be sure, then with all the optimal settings I cut it on at 0pm and let it run througout the night and at 9am it had very little charge left...please help with any ideas/suggestions as I just get links from Creative tech telling me things I am already doing.
Micktarheel wrote:
Excellent, thanks for the replies and I read about the lock function online but it said for 4GB and up I think, but not 2GB. I thought, even with the screen at the lowest, 0% that it was too much lcd and a battery drainer...thanks!
Yes, I have the 2G ZEN player and it does have the "lock function" (often on the Creative's web site they neglect to mention the 2G) - I "lock it" every time I listen to my audio books. By using this function it "closes" (blackens) ?the LCD screen and saves the battery considerably.
When I first bought this player it was the first time I had an internal battery, all the other ones I had used -AAA battery. I was hesitant about using the type of battery in the ZEN player but I can listen ALL day and ALL night and still have battery life left. Then I recharge the battery in the wee hours of the morning, ready to listen to more books and music that day.
Just some thoughts,
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