Xml data display in ADF

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In ADF, I need to display a column from a table which is of xml data type. I get this oracle.sql.OPAQUE error in the column. Is there any other way to display the xml data type? Your help is really appreciated. Thanks.
Just to combine the response from steve into mine
To prepare your design*
1) create a xmlSchema that correspond to your document structure
2) use jaxb, castor or top link to generate java class to manipulate this content into a java application
3) import these classes into your jdev project
In the jdev application_
ui layer
Create a data control from xml mapped java classes (use the main object)
Use this data control structure to create ui component, including the method that check the content from the xmlSchema (castor)
middle tier, mapping
Take you xml content as CLOB from the database. Create a business component for this step. Get the xml content as a string (or stringBuffer if I remembering correct). Use this object to load the content into you xml java mapped interface (you will find the method in the object to achieve this step, marshal/unm,unmarshal).
Your xml data will be shown in you ui interface depending on the xml structure (and not as simple xml text, that you don't want I suppose).
To save the editing, you will have to transform you java object into plain xml (marshal/unmarshal), obtain a string again, load it into the business content and save it into the database.
Hope it's help you
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