WRT350-N, 1 LAN and 2 Internet connection...

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Hi there,
I'am a lucky owner of a WRT350-N that works pefectly, but i'm trying, without any success to build a LAN with 2 internet connection.
I got 2 kind of internet, 1 through DSL and 1 through CABLE.
My standard configuration is:
Cable Modem >>> WRT350-N >>> 2 PC on Gbit wired lan >>> 1 ext. HDD on usb 2.0 >>> 1 Notebook on wireless G >>> PS3 on wireless G
What I'm trying to do is connect the Notebook to the DSL internet with an ethernet cable, but keeping shared the file with the other PC via wireless, the other PCs must remain connected to the internet through the Cable Modem
What i've done is:
- Connected the WRT350-N to the internet via Cable modem
- Connected the Notebook to the WRT350-N via wireless
- Blocked the access to the Cable internet for the notebook on the WRT350-N
- Connected the Notebook to the DSL router (Zoom ADSL x5)
- Blocked the internet sharing on the notebook
- Selected the rigth Getaway, Cable for PCs and DSL Notebook
With this configuration everything works fine for a couple of hour then the Notebook start to try to connect to internet through the wireless connection obviusly without succes...
Can anyone help me with this?
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On the majority of Linksys (Cisco) SOHO routers, the default factory setting is to have one WAN (Inet). In order to have multiple uplink connections, you'll probably need to look into third party firmware (ie DDwrt, OpenWRT, etc). You are looking at configuring multiple Vlans on the router, then loadbalancing (usually round robin) across them. As well, you'll need to configure a secondary firewall script, for the second WAN. Try reading up at: http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Dual-WAN_for_simple_round-robin_load_equalization Be aware that Linksys provides no official support for thirdparty firmware, and you're rather on your own as such. (Note to any Linksys moderator: You may want to upchannel to your R&D department that SOHO with multiple WAN connection, DSL & Cable or otherwise, has become more popular. May want to introduce a product line for this target consumer group.) Cheers.
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