Word processing in tiger

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terrible trouble with colour wheel and taking 30 seconds to type out a sentence..
I have Apple Works 6 which is a pain when I am running Classic and tiger.
Comments please on best software to purchase for w-processing and spreadsheet. Will iWorks latest be troublefree for me ?
Thanks for help
Appleworks 6 doesn't require Classic to run, it's a carbon app and it can run natively in OS X (if you're running it in classic, go to apple.com/appleworks and grab an updater).
Also, is your Mac mini an Intel or a PPC. If it's an intel, then what you're seeing wouldn't surprise me.
Lastly, when I've seen Appleworks run slow, it usually means the recent files folder is too full. If you're indeed running it in OS X, then look in your user Documents folder for a folder called Appleworks User Data. Inside that is a Starting points folder, and in that is are cache and Recent items folders. Empty both folders.
If you can't find the Appleworks User Data folder, do a search for it and then look for those two folders.
Lastly, iWork is great, but it's missing spreadsheet and database functionality, which some people want.
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