Wingdings not exported correctly in PDF by Crystal Reports XI JRC in Linux

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I have a report that contains checkmark and scissor character from Wingdings/Wingdings 2. The PDF file is generated via a program using Crystal Reports' Java Reporting Component. When I am testing it in my machine (Windows), the checkmark and scissors characters are shown correctly. But using our Linux Redhat server generates a "P" instead of the checkmark and a quotation mark instead of the scissors.
With the thought that Crystal Reports XI JRC do font indexing instead of subsetting/embedding, my idea was that there was no installed Wingdings font in the Linux server. I've replicated the case in my Windows machine by removing the Wingdings font.
With that knowledge, I've installed the Wingdings (*.ttf files) font in the Linux server and executed commands like ttmkfdir (as instructed in some tutorials). I've verified that in Applications -> Preference -> Fonts that the Wingdings fonts are selectable. But when I generated again my PDF file, the correct fonts are still not rendered correctly. Is there anything more I need to do for the JRC to recognize the Wingdings font in Linux.
Migrating to the Crystal Reports for Eclipse released last Jan 2009 is not a possible option.
First check is to ensure the Java JVM can see the font.  The Java SDK comes with the JFC demo Font2DTest.  Do the fonts show up there?
Note that the Java JRE has a lib/fonts directory, where you can place TrueType fonts that the JRE then would use.
Ted Ueda
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