Windows xp extended desktop not showing up on 2nd monitor all of a sudden

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I've used a 2nd monitor as my main monitor for my T61.  I powered down today to move to another location, when I reconnected to my usual 2nd monitor, the screen just comes up blue, the cursor jumps between my 2 monitors, but there is no Windows coming up on the external monitor 2.  Usually everything boots up automatically to both of my monitors.......I've gone into Windows XP display settings, extended the desktop - but still nothing - just blue with the cursor either on my laptop monitor 1 or jumping over to external monitor 2.  Help?
Try this:
1. Go to Display Settings and set the Display to setting 1. (Multiple Monitors) and exit settings.
2. Press Fn and F7 until BOTH Monitors are Shown.
3. You shouuld be able to select  Either or  Both Monitors in Sequence.
I replaced my BIOS Battery and had the same problem.
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