Windows Updates Failed to Configure in Windows 8 in Lenovo G500s

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I am purchased my G500s in October 2013 and tried to install windows 8 updates first time. Before running updates I deleted all my data and switched laptop into default condition using One Key Recovery.
But while windows updates are being configured I am getting a message " Failed to Configure windows Updates, Reverting Changes" which is lasting for more than an hour and my laptop is restarting several time in this duration.
As I am running updates immediately after running One Key Recovery and there is no data on other drives, so this problem is not being caused by any Virus. My problem is similar as mentioned in this link   Failure configuring Windows Updates - Windows 8  but I laptop came with Nitro 8, while this link is about problems caused by Nitro 7. Lenovo has not updated this article since 2012.
My laptop is pre installed with these important softwares:
Nitro Pdf 8, Mcafee Internet Security, CyberLink You Cam, Power Dvd.
If anyone can tell what is the cause of this problem I will be thankful to him.
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