Windows blue screen of death crash during Boot Camp driver install

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I have been trying to get Windows running under Boot Camp on my 2.66 GHz Alu iMac, but without success.
Boot Camp partitions the drive and Windows XP SP2 installs properly. I boot into Windows, and then insert my Leopard install DVD to install the Apple drivers.
The driver installation gets about halfway, then the machine crashes with a blue screen of death and restarts automatically. It puts me back in Windows, with no drivers installed.
I am installing the Boot Camp drivers from the Leopard retail DVD. This machine is missing the Leopard install/restore discs that came with it, and Apple want to charge £99 for a replacement set.
Is there any way I can get the Boot Camp drivers installed, or do I need to find a friend with the exact same machine and original system discs and use those?
Aloha Adam.
Don't know whether this is helpful, but below is a list of drivers that are installed (as of Aug 08).
Also, if you have not already, you may find FAQ helpful, as well, at URL:
Lastly, though they're a year old, the Update 2.1 is in .exe format, so if you can get it the .exe download package onto your installed Windows OS somehow (e.g., copied onto a CD, IF Windows can read it), you might stand a chance of alternate means of installing the drivers.
If this helps, please so indicate.
"Drivers, Macintosh features within Microsoft Windows, other
Which drivers are included on the Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) DVD?
The Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) DVD contains the following Macintosh drivers for Windows:
Apple Bluetooth
Apple Keyboard Support
Apple Remote Driver
Apple Trackpad
Atheros 802.11 Wireless
ATI Graphics
Boot Camp Control panel for Microsoft Windows
Boot Camp System Task Notification item (System Tray)
Broadcom Wireless
Intel Chipset Software
Intel Integrated Graphics
iSight Camera
Marvel Yukon Ethernet
nVidia Graphics
Realtek Audio
SigmaTel Audio
Startup Disk Control panel for Microsoft Windows"
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