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I'm dreadfully sorry that I can't provide you with the Broadband phone number,
unfortunately, BT have not completed a line switch, and have left my company
without Internet access, so I can't access this information.
From memory it might be 020 *********, but that's a guess!
But the company is FT Technologies and their post code is: TW11 8PA.
And my work email is **************, but you might want to send any
correspondence to my personal one as you've broken the work one:
BT were meant to come and switch our Internet connection from one building to
another today.
They told us that it was all very simple, they would install the new line,
deactivate the old line and make the new one live, that the process was
practically instantaneous.
Two engineers turned up, they'd double booked the job.  They did something to
the new line.  They then tried to run away without a word.  I had to get the
receptionist to stop them so I could talk to them.  They told me that they had
done their part, that the rest would happen automatically, but it was nothing to
do with them, they couldn't even speak to the department that did this part of
the job.
I find it incredulous that no one seems to have overall responsibility for a
job, that one department can't speak to another to liaise, organise, check that
something has been completed to the customer's satisfaction.  But rather try and
slope off as soon as possible and hope no one notices.
A recalled engineer then told me the rest of the job would all happen `in under
an hour'.
An hour and fifteen minutes later I call the Broadband help line as the switch
had not happened.
The operative apologised, said it should have happened and then went away to do
something.  He spoke of the internal infrastructure within BT, I told him this
was of no importance to me as the customer, I just wanted my job finished. 
I can't help feel that this internal separation has the effect of obfuscating the
facts and allow the ownership of a problem to be passed around He willy nilly.
He kept speaking in internal BT jargon.  He reported back that the switch had
now occurred. 
I explained I didn't understand what he was saying but the switch hadn't
happened, I knew this because I was monitoring both the new and old lines.
He tried again and informed it was now happening automatically.  I enquired when
it would be complete.  He waited a few seconds and told me again that the switch
had now completed.
I told him, correctly, that it hadn't!
Again, how can the operatives so blatantly tell the customer things that are
blatantly not factually correct?  Luckily for me I had the technical knowledge
and equipment to check the veracity of what I was being told, many will
not be so lucky.  This coupled with the jargon the operatives hide behind
further obfuscate and insulate BT from dealing with issues.
I was put on hold several more times, afterwards, each time I was told some
jargon, spun to imply things were all fine and dandy, when in fact the
opposite was the case!
After yet another delay I was told that the new line wouldn't go live until
after 20:00.
I explained that this was not acceptable and that I wanted to speak to someone
that could resolve this matter.  He replied that there `wasn't anybody'.
So I asked to speak to his manager, he replied `that's who I was just talking
to', as if to say it wasn't worth it.
I insisted that I be transferred anyway, which I was.
His boss told me that rather than 20:00 it was more likely to be after 24:00
before the changes would be made.
Again I asked to be put through to someone would could help me.  I was informed
that there was no one.  I suggested that this was not the case, BT didn't all go
home at 6:00.  I requested that she find someone.  She put me on hold, an hour
later I was still on hold, at that point I had been on the phone for nearly 3
Our computer systems were in limbo.  True there was Internet connectivity via
the old line, but this could switch at any point and we would loose the
connection.  I could wait until there was evidence that the lines had been
switched then relocate the routing equipment.  But that could be after midnight
according to the latest estimate - and to be fair all estimates so far had
proven to false and given more to acquiesce the customer rather than being based
on fact.
In the end I relocated the equipment in the vain hope that at some point BT
would actually do what they had promised several times before. 
And that's where we're currently at.  My company has no communications because
of an uncompleted job by BT, everyone at BT has apparently gone home, and there
is no believable idea of when things will be rectified.  My bosses don't give a
**bleep** about BT, their broken promises, their internal procedures - all they know
is that I have broken things.
So I was just wondering whether you could be so kind as to answer the following
questions for me:
1, Why were we lead to believe that when the engineers left we would have a new
working internet connection?
2, Why did your engineers slope off without informing us of the situation?
3, Why, when recalled, were we told that the job would be completed in less than an
4, Why was this not true?
5, Why can't one department in BT talk to another?
6, Why does your helpdesk talk in jargon, and not technical jargon, a BT variety
that is not understandable to those outside the organisation?
7, Why do the departments hide behind the internal infrastructure that then
allows them to say, metaphorically at least, `sorry guv., nothing to do with me,
that's a different section altogether, but unfortunately neither you or I can
communicate with them directly'?
8, Why was I told that the switch happen at 8:00 when it wasn't?
9, Why did the timescale slip to 12:30?
10, Why was I left permanently on hold?
11, Why could I not be transferred to someone who could help me?
12, These changes are simple, it requires a change to a routing table, the could
be done instanteously!  Why are we lead to believe, unreasonably, that they are
somehow difficult and time consuming?
13, Can I have a job with BT if mine is no longer available thanks to you guys?
Gavin Bungay.
GavinFT wrote:
I'm dreadfully sorry that I can't provide you with the Broadband phone number,
unfortunately, BT have not completed a line switch, and have left my company
without Internet access, so I can't access this information.
Hi Gavin. Welcome to the forums.
However, your query appears to be business based - this forum is typically for home users. Pop along to the business Forum at :-
Please can you amend your post to remove personal details such as phone numbers, names and email addresses.
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