Why are my slideshow images showing as low res?

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I'm creating a site that will show a housing development in the works, and with each lot number that's clicked on the home page, the link goes to a page with a slideshow (My Albums) and when that is clicked you're taken to a new page with separate slideshow.
I've got two questions:
1. Why do the images show up as low res on the My Albums page, but are the preferred higher res on the slideshow page?
2. I'd like to just have a slideshow on the first page without having to click on the image to link to a whole other page for the slideshow. The confusing part is, while working in iWeb, the slideshow does exactly what I'd like it to do, but when published I get the ghastly low res images and I have to click on that to get to the "real" slideshow! Is there a setting I'm missing?
What's the URL of your site so we can examine it first hand? Do you have iWeb's preferences set to optimize images when imported?
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To get rid of the album page and leave the photo pages just move the photo pages out of the album page.
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