Where are the Audigy 2 ZS Linux Drivers?????????????????????????????????????????

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I Just recently installed Fedora core 4 on a partition on one of the Raids and discovered I cannot find a creative Audigy2 zs linux driver anywhere? I have found a all in one alsa driver set but so far no success, and i'd prefer not to use non certified drivers on the audigy2 due to hardware failing on me in the past because of bad drivers. Why is there a Linux section in the drivers area and no linux drivers? eh common if you haven't coded linux drivers after the ammount of time the audigy2 zs has been released for ... then why you guys are going to have to have the proverbial finger removed from the preverbial arse and support your customers ... I've seen 00's of questions in forums about creative drivers for linux ... if you guys are going to be racists and only code microsloth / bloatware then I think i'll be more than happy to chuck the audigy2 on the junk pile and use the evil on board ac '97 which HAS Linux drivers....
Totally Frustrated and fed up
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Incase it helps ... specs for system follows:
3.2E skt-478 @ 4GHZ
Asus P4P800E Delexe
Corsair 4000 pro @ 490mhz Dualchannel,Liniar mode
Gigabyte 6600gt TFE @ 550mhz-core/.3ghz-ddr3 (yes its better than a 6800GT)
Audigy 2 ZS
2x WD 250GB SATA RAID2+0 500GB
40GB seagate IDE (Cacheing dri've)
gigabyte dvd-rw
dvd combo dri've
Windows XP Pro Partition
Fedora Linux Core Rev.4 Partition
/w G.R.U.B boot control
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