When switching my iphone to a new apple ID will i lose my songs, apps, and imessages?

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i currently share an itunes account with several people and devices. i would like to make my own apple ID. When switching my iphone to the new apple ID will i lose my songs, apps, and/or imessage conversations?
You need a valid/working email address in order to create an account.
Create a NEW account/ID for her using these instructions. Make sure you follow the instructions. Many do not and if you do not you will not get the None option. You must use an email address that you have not used with Apple before. Make sure you specify a birthdate that results in being at least 13 years old
  Creating an iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store account without a credit card
More details of how:
http://ipadhelp.com/ipad-help-tips-tricks/how-to-get-free-apps-from-the-app-stor e-without-a-credit-card/
Use the new ID on her iPod but only for:
Settings>Messages>Send and Receive
and Settings>iCloud if you want her to have separate Contacts Calendar and some other things.   
Continue to use the same/common Apple ID for Settings>iTunes and App stores so you can share purchases.
Note that if yo chaghe acounts in Settings>iTunes and App Store media will NOT be deleted from the ipod but:
- Apps are locked to the account that purchased them.
- To update apps you have to sign into the account that purchased the apps. If you have apps that need updating purchased from more than one account you have to update them one at a time until the remaining apps were purchased from one account.
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