When i use firefox 7 and click on the bookmark menu, it leaves an annoying image of the bookmark window on my desktop that I can't get rid of.

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When I click bookmarks in the Menu Bar, it leaves an image or "print" of the bookmark window on my desktop. It does not go away after exiting Firefox. The only way I can remove this image from my desktop is to restart my computer. It is becoming a bit annoying. I should mention that this problem does not occur when using the bookmarks icon in the Navigation Bar which I never use because I prefer the other. This has been happening in Firefox 4 to 7, but never in earlier versions.
There is probably a glitch in Firefox's graphics hardware acceleration feature, which was introduced in Firefox 4. To turn that feature off:
orange Firefox button ''or'' Tools menu > Options > Advanced
On the General mini-tab, uncheck the box for "Use hardware acceleration when available"
This change should take effect after you restart Firefox.
If you miss (or think you will miss) the hardware acceleration feature, you could try updating the drivers for your graphics card to see whether that solves the glitch.
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