When I try to open firefox, I get a message that says, "firefox is already running" and to close it or restart my computer when it is NOT running, so I can't get on the internet through firefox. What is wrong?

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The information box pops up when I click on my desktop icon for firefox as well as if I try to access it in other ways. I have restarted my computer. I have tried removing firefox and redownloading it. No matter what I do, it still gives me a box saying it is already running, but not responding. When I pull up my taks bar, it is not running! I can't close it as the box suggests because it is not open to do it. I just keep getting a box saying it is already running no matter what I try to do, even though it is not running.
I have tried everything I could to fix this, but some things require actually being on Firefox, and since I cannot get on, I cannot click on the tabs to do it. I have even totally uninstalled firefox, and that has not fixed this. I still get the same message that firefox is running and I need to close it or restart (which I have also tried dozens of times). I have removed things like Java, and that has not helped either. If I cannot even get on line in firefox, how can I fix this. I am not crazy about using internet explorer, but right now, it is my only option. I even tried to start in safe mode, and the same message box pops up!
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