What should I do when setting up my new iPad?

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I am getting a New iPad on Sunday! Really excited! But since this will be my first iPad, I am a little confused on the set up when you first take it out of the box. Should I turn on Location Services? And what other options would I have that I should choose? Should I drain the battery all the way first then charge it over night?  And when I plug it in to my computer do put it in as a new device? Or what? I want to be prepared when I get my New "Shiny"!!! Haha. 
You can download a complete iPad 2 User Guide here: http://manuals.info.apple.com/en/ipad_user_guide.pdf
Also, Good Instructions http://www.tcgeeks.com/how-to-use-ipad-2/
Apple - iPad 2 - Guided Tours
Watch the videos see all the amazing iPad apps in action. Learn how to use FaceTime, Mail, Safari, Videos, Maps, iBooks, App Store, and more.
You can download this guide to your iPad.
iPad User Guide for iOS 5
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