What's wrong with my iPhone

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Okay so I was at my home screen (unlocked) and I was gunna use Siri because I always talk to him so anyways I holded the home button to activate him and he made the beep noice to tell you that has been activated then suddenly my iPhone just immedientlu switched off I was trying to switch it back on but it didn't work also my battery didn't die I had it on charge before hand so I plugged it ino my wall charger and the apple logo came on but its going on for 3 seconds then a black screen for 3 seconds continuous some forums say it is bricked but my iPhone isn't jail broken my computer is broke so I haven't been able to use a computer some forums say to restore it but I don't want to because I'm really far on clash of clans which will go if I restore my iPhone is a IPhone 5C IOS 7 the highest one. I wasnt updating anything so If I was it was running in background I got my phone for my birthday 7 December 2013 please tell me what is wrong and now to fix it my parents will go crazy
mason68 wrote:
Okay, I cannot get to the home screen therefore I will have to comprehend a force reset. Now I will lose all my game activity D:
In the worst case scenario, your choices may be:
A; Keep your game activity on an iPhone that you can't access.
B; Get your iPhone to a status that it can be used.
We haven't come that far yet, so lets see what these steps can accomplish.
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