What is the best way to create a Playlist?

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I've tried 2 options but none of it got the job done perfectly :
#1 - I've created playlists with Media Player on my pc and got it synced the old fasion way. All I got was empty playlist with the right names.
#2 - I've copied a folder with some tracks to the sd card and with right click made "make a new playlist". That worked fine but when I changed the playlist's name - it was gone from the list. When I try to change the name via pc the window just freezes.
Now I have several playlist with name "new playlist" and a number...
If you have MediaGo installed on your PC you can also create the Playlist using this and then just import he Playlist to the phone. Simply navigate the the "Playlists" tab on MediaGo and choose "New Playlist".
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