WD Java iView & Dynamic Navigation Problem

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I'm trying to use a WebDynpro Java iView in Dynamic Navigation but have the following display problem:
When I navigate to the page for which I've added the iView to the dynamic navigation, only the WebDynpro iView (from the navigation) is shown. You can see the page in its correct form being loaded but as soon as the navigation iView seems to be loaded/ing it replaces the full lower part of the screen (navigation and content panel).
If I use a plain URL iView in the dynamic navigation the behaviour is as expected.
But if I add a WebDynpro iView or even a page containing that iView I get the strange behaviour again.
I'm running NW04s SP7.
Any ideas?
Do I have to set some properties on the WebDynpro iView?
I've tried a couple of things but none did work so far.
Thanks & Regards
Hi Henrik,
Sorry for the late reply but I'm just back from vacation.
No, I have not found a solution. I decided to go for an integrated application instead (Main WD application that bundles navigation with other applications). That works but of course is not as "nice".
Have you come across some solution yet?
Kind Regards
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