Vertical printing in smartforms using '^FWR' command

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I checked our post on SDN about the vertical printing problem but have not been able to find a suitable answer. We have been facing this problem from quite a long time now and have not been able to come to a solution. The steps i have done are as follows.
In the main window i have multiple secondary window. I have placed the window which has the vertical printing at the end of the smartform. This window(serial details) has the Serial no details to be printed vertically. Inside this window I have inserted a command Attribute name(S_LZPL_SETUP) Attribute value(u2018^FWR'). And below this command I am writing my text u201CSerial No: &gv_serial&u201D.
But still i am unable to get the vertical printing done in my smartform when i get the actual printout from the zebra printer.
Can you please let me know the solution to this.
type I in the sense this is a include and it will obviously not execute.
check out the main program.
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