Vendor remittence advice

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Hi SAP Techies
Our client is looking for a Vendor remittance advice, notifying the vendors when a payment has been made. Is there any way we can use SAP to raise our remittance advices? We would need to be able to chose which invoices to include on the paperwork. How do we configure in SAP. Please advice.
Kind regards
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You must have created a form with the help of ABAPer and assign it in FBZP settings.
COT must have been configured by your Basis Consultants (pre-requisite)
In SOST, gateway, the entries generated to SMTP server can be seen
Settings ==> Process Modules => of an SAP application
Process: 00002040
Application: FI-FI
Function Module: ZSAMPLE_PROCESS_00002040
This function module must have been changed by copying from standard SAP function module SAMPLE_PROCESS_00002040, to suit your requirements. (accordingly the field from which the email address has to be picked also needs to be changed.)
When you run F110, you can see SOST, that the email are getting generated.
Refer following notes:
Note 836169 - Consulting: Payment advice notes by email or fax
Configure in FIBF transaction code for process 00002040
Copy the Function Module SAMPLE_PROCESS_00002040 to ZSAMPLE_PROCESS_00002040 according to your requirement, as described in the above SAP note.
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