Vendor master record creation using interactive form

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hi all,
i have a requirement to create a vendor once the user enters the data related to vendor similar to xk01 data  on an interactive form and submits it .it goes thru a series of approvals and then at the final approval if the form is approved and say submit  it has to create a vendor in the sap system  i have searched for good bapis for vendor creation but found nothing . also searched the forums but I didnt get any idea or solution. i thought that i can use the bapi in the service call i use in webdynpro component and create a context for the form similar to the structure in bapi.
could you please help me out on how this can be done . i just need to post all the vendor data into sap and get a new vendor created automatically  in background and get the vendor number again back to form to notity the person that it has been created.
appreciate if you could reply me asap.
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Hi Ashwani,
thank you for replying . my question was how to post the vendor data entered on the form into sap i.e using xk01 as u have done in your project. i have created a structure with all the fields required by user and required for a vendor creation in xk01 to create a vendor . this structure iam using in my form context. now iam not sure about how to post the data, can you please give me an idea of what code the FM's shoild have and also please tell me how to initiate workflow with the submit button and i want to send the URL of the form and not as PDF attachment , the approving person will click the URL and modify the interactive form and then clicks  approved button  in the same form.
I hope you got my questions.
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