Validation in POST-TEXT item trigger

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Does POST-TEXT -ITEM trigger fire in ENTER-QUERY mode?
If not suggest me solution for following scenario:
I have supplier field in master block. When Form is in -ENER-QUERY mode, i want to validate the user input in the supplier field before user navigate out of the field using TAB KEY (KEY-NEXT-ITEM) or MOUSE (POST-TEXT-ITEM).
The Forms help says that it doesn't, and nor does when-validate-item.
It looks like you'll have to use the when-new-item-instance trigger. You can store the value of the current field and whenever the trigger fires, run some code to validate that field. If it passes the validation then store the value of the new field, otherwise put the user back in the original field.
You'll also need to call the code from the key-exeqry trigger, so that you can validate the field which the user is in when they execute the query.
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