Using Creative Cloud for teams on non internet workstations

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Hi Folks,
Am interested in running creative cloud on workstations that do not have internet access.
This is because of security issues and Non Disclosure Agreements.
Internet will only be enabled by ICT  admin for activation.
Is there a manual procedure to validate the software on a machine with admin provided Internet before the 30 days of use elapses?
Kind Regards,
In a broadcast environment where all our edit bays are offline behind firewall.  I've installed all our CC team seats and only have to take them online every 90 - 120 days or when updates are needed. Any users that see the license countdown are told to contact IT and I take the machine online manually, check for updates and that seems to give CC Aps enough time to touch base with the license server. Take the users offline and back behind the firewall till the next countdown begins.  Rinse, Repeat as needed. This is the manual way, otherwise you need to set up a Adobe License or Update Server behind your firewall that you then deploy updates as needed.
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