Using a function in a report query

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Why can't I call a function (basically a query) in a report query like I can from from SQL?
Consider the following:
Select MyFunctionName(arg) from dual;
From SQL, it works great! No problem:
In a report query, [Application/Shared Components/Report Queries] It doesn't work. I get an XML error:
XML Parsing Error: not well formed
<MyFunctionName('arg')>&lt;?xml version="1.0"?&gt;
Looks like APEX is not even executing the function...
See I have a table with a CLOB field that contains properly formatted HTML. I cannot simply query for that content, since Oracle escapes the tags in the conversion to XML. I have to (somehow) tell Oracle to keep it's grubby mitts off my CLOB content. As far as I can tell, using DBMS_XMLGEN.setConvertSpecialChars is the only way to keep Oracle from escaping the html stored in the table--in fact, the DBMS_XMLGEN documentation states that it why this functionality exists in the first place!
This is why I am trying to use a function. Simply queries don't work. The function I wrote works beautifully in SQL, but not in a report query...
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Note from the first post:
"In a report query, [Application/Shared Components/Report Queries]" Let me clarify: This report query is used in a BI Publisher report. Getting the information to the screen isn't the problem. I have that working. :-) It's just when I try to get the report to print that I see APEX has escaped the output before reaching BI Publisher--so BI Publisher is not the issue. I have a xsl template that will process the embedded HTML, but APEX is escaping my data before I can act on it. In other words:
It seems Apex is not creating the XML properly, since it escapes everything. Even when the function passes back data correctly.
Has anyone else seen this? Ideas for a workaround?
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