Using a DVI HDMI cable with my Sharp Aquos LC-52D62U 1080p

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I have a Mac Mini Intel proc with 4GB RAM (max RAM).
I'm trying to get it to work with my Sharp Aquos LC-52D62U 52" TV. The TV supports 1080p native, and the mini has had no issues connecting to this TV before. I just re-installed 10.6 (with all updates) and it does not want to connect.
I have a direct DVI > HDMI cable going from the Mini directly to the back of the TV. I tested other devices on that TV input and the TV works fine. I'm also convinced that the cable is fine as it worked before the re-install of the system.
I can see the Mac Mini using screen sharing on my Mac Pro, so I can make changes to the configuration over the network. The screen settings on the Mini are set to "1080p (Television)" just like they were when it all worked fine. But the TV screen is black. No picture at all.
What can I do about this?
Hello Mac Mini world. I tried to connect my new Mac Mini to a 2 year old 32" Insignia Flat Screen HDTV through HDMI for hours however there was always part of the screen cut off even after adjusting both the resolution ratio on TV and Mini. After 3 calls to Insignia TV and Apple Support nobody had a definitive solution for me and was mainly told to live with it! One person from Applecare did half heartedly suggest trying a VGA connection instead in spite of lower quality. I went to the MAC store and they were confused as were the people at Best Buy but I reluctantly bought the MINI VIDEO PORT CABLE + VGA CABLE at Best Buy and to my surprise IT WORKED AND LOOKS PERFECT and automatically adjusts to fit any setting of computer resolution LIKE MAGIC. I have never posted but this seemed like good info as I read through a lot of blogs yesterday trying to resolve this issue. AGAIN THE SOLUTION IS TO TRY THE VGA CONNECTION. -chuck
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