Use of EJB in a package application.

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Has anyone come across a packaged application/product (Like and ERP system,
CRM product etc.) that was created using EJB as the "back-end" and then
deployed as a "shrink-wrapped" application?
I would like to hear some views on this from everyone.
I don't know about "shrink wrapped", but YouCentric's CRM (now owned by J.D.
Edwards) is EJB on the back-end.
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"Raju" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]..
Has anyone come across a packaged application/product (Like and ERPsystem,
CRM product etc.) that was created using EJB as the "back-end" and then
deployed as a "shrink-wrapped" application?
I would like to hear some views on this from everyone.
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