USB-6009 Daqmx Base 3.3 Cannot creat 2 or more channels on Windows mobile 6

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I have USB-6009, PDA iPAQ 214, WM6, Daqmx base 3.3, Labview 2009. In order to create new mobile project I use wizard and standart dynamic example: Cont Acq&Graph Voltage-Int All works ok, but if I add more chanels in VI "Create Channels" or place new VI block and enter "Dev1/ai1", exe on my PDA cannot work correctly. Exception after RUN. I have no idea how build correct application with 3 channels without this exeption...  On PC all works. Whay right way to create channels? I attach VI which don't work, for examle. I read daqmxbase cannot support WM6, but 1 channel work ideal!
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I forgot to mention that, yes, Windows Mobile 6 is not supported along side of DAQmx Base. That means you might be able to get some  of the same functionality(limited) that you would with Windows Mobile 5, but most likely not 100% functionality. This could explain why 1 channel works and multiple channels do not. I will try and help you out, but as this is not supported my ability to help is limited.
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