Uploading MP4 video to iCloud photos fails

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I am trying to upload a 25MB MP4 video to iCloud photos yet I keep on receiving an error indicating 'JPEG format only'
I checked that you should be able to upload MP4 videos via iCloud on my PC so I can then view on my iphone 6.
Can anyone help?
I see this question in a lot of places and in several Apple discussion groups. I've tried a number of the proposed solutions. I have 99GBs to upload. I got about 30GB uploaded twice, but then it kept stalling there (I have plenty of space). The solution that came closest was for me to turn off icloud, shut down Photos, rebuild Photos library (I think it's cntrl + option + double click on Photos icon), then start it all again. This let me get 60GB up fairly quickly, but it's been stuck there for a few days now. I also took my iMac into work and hooked it up to the bigger system there, since many people proposed doing that, assuming that those environments have bigger "pipes."  Anyway, I did all of this, and it's still stuck, uploading maybe one photo every six hours or so.
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