Upgraded to, but problem with 'identifying control file'

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I just applied the metalink patch to upgrade from to in order to install the SOA Suite. It was a clean install for, followed by applying the patch. I am now trying to run the new database, but I get an error:
ORA-00205: error in identifying controle file, check alert log for more info.
I edited by init.ora file, and the two control files are there as (ora_control1, ora_control2).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,
We had a similar issue and had to fix it by copying all the data files and control files to backup then ...
1) run database creation assistant to delete the database
2) using database creation assistant, create a new database with the same name
3) shut down the new database
4) leaving the new spfile in place, copy all the backups back over including controlfiles.
5) startup the database.
Don't know if it will help in your situation or not, but worth a try if someone else has the same type of problem.
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