Two w2408h monitors,extended desktop..2nd not recognized at cold start?

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Hi All:
HPe9180f with Vista 64 bit Home Premium.
I have two HP w2408h monitors, purchased and installed on the above computer,when new.  I have tried Tech Support who have certainly tried to take "ownership" of my issue, but with no solution, I have given up.
My issue is that I can work correctly with both monitors, extended desktop mode, if I never shut off my computer....if I do, the second monitor will not turn on during a cold start.  My workaround, discovered by accident, is to log on in a non-admin user, wait until all programs, etc are loaded and then second monitor then activates.  Does anybody know what to do to do to make Windows/ Bios recognize that I have two monitors permanently in use at all times, especially at startup? 
GC, I would search for an updated driver for you video card/chip.  This sounds like it may be a driver problem.  Video and Audio problems are very difficult to diagnose from afar.  So, I always begin with the most obvious solutions.  Just call me "Mr. Obvious".
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