Transferred hard drive from Macbook to Mac mini and now have Disk Util prob

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The problem is with Disk Utility. Basically, the DU window is just blank, that is, no hard drives show up in the left hand column. Also, none of the buttons at the top are clickable, though the menu bar drop down menus work. If I use Expose to push the window off the screen and then bring it back, then sometimes it shows the hard drive, but part of it's name will be cut off. Also, if the left hand side of the window is blank, but I right click somewhere there, it will behave as if I'm right clicking on the drive's name.
I also ran Disk Utility off the Leopard install disc and that's running fine. All the drives showed up fine and I repaired permissions and repaired the disks wherever possible. I also tried trashing the DU preference (plist) file, but that didn't help. I've restarted the computer multiple times and also tried from another account and still the same problems.
Like I mentioned, I'm not sure if this problem has anything to do with the mini or switching out the drive or if it was just coincidental with the drive exchange today. I can't remember the last time I tried using Disk Utility, but I'm sure it was some time ago.
The reason I was trying to open up DU was b/c my Time Machine backup drive is not being recognized by the mini as the backup (probably somehow it was tied to the Macbook), so I wanted to reformat it and start the Time Machine back ups all over again.
Anyway, I was wondering if you anybody had any suggestions. Maybe my Disk Utility program is somehow corrupted and I could reinstall just that program somehow? It almost seems kinda like a graphics issue since the window for DU kind of looks funny (things cut off, buttons disappear, etc.).
Update: I used Pacifist to extract the Disk Utility program from the Leopard Installer and it still has the same problem.
I see. Thanks for the info. Sounds like I may have already tried what you suggested, as I mentioned in my original post that, "I've restarted the computer multiple times and also tried from another account and still the same problems."
However, I haven't created a new account and tried opening DU when logged into that account. Do you think that may make a difference?
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