TPM password not found in MBAM database

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There are other threads I have read through and did some troubleshooting, but still I´m stuck with this, how to get TPM password in MBAM database. Another question is, do I really need it? Isn´t recovery key enough?
My situation is this:
1. Computers are encrypted during Task Sequence and MBAM client is installed.
2. During first logon MBAM client promts for PIN and encryption is complete.
3. Bitlocker recovery key is found in MBAM Admin Web page, but not TPM password.
What I tried to do:
- There is no Group Policy for controling TPM password.
- I´m member of MBAM Admin group and Helpdesk groups.
- If I clear and initialize TPM from its mgmt console, there will not be any activity from MBAM client, and TPM password still does not go to DB
- I have checked from SQL mgmt studio, that TPM hash is NULL
- I tried to use TPM-EK vbs script before and after encryption, there is no effect.
So how to get TPM password to DP? Specially I´m intresting in scenario where Computer is already encrypted.
MBAM has to own the TPM to store the password. During a task sequence, follow the steps below. The steps assume pre-provisioning, but the concept is the same even if you don't use it.  If the machine is already encrypted and you want MBAM to store the
password, you will have to clear the TPM and reboot. Note that this requires physical presence - someone will have to hit F1 in the preboot screen. See below for info on how to clear it via PowerShell.  The reason you want the TPM OwnerAuth password is
that if a user types their PIN too many times in preboot, the TPM may put the machine into BitLocker Recovery and lock itself for some period of time (depends on manufacturer).  To unlock it faster after you have supplied the BitLocker Recovery Password
and are in the OS, you have to go to tpm.msc and choose Reset TPM Lockout, supplying the TPM Owner Auth password.  If MBAM stores it, you can get this info from the Helpdesk portal.
To configure MBAM to own the TPM and store OwnerAuth passwords
On the client computer, open an elevated Windows PowerShell command prompt.
Type the following Windows PowerShell commands:
$tpm=get-wmiobject -class Win32_Tpm -namespace root\cimv2\security\microsofttpm
Gets an instance of the TPM WMI class.
Disables TPM auto-provisioning.
$tpm. SetPhysicalPresenceRequest(22)
Clears the TPM.
Restart the computer, and then confirm that you want to clear the TPM.
For the task sequence to get MBAM to own it out of the box, do the following:
Capture and      sysprep a WIM as you normally would.
Mount the      captured WIM using
dism /mount-wim /wimfile:C:\WimImages\Win7.wim
/index:1 /mountdir:C:\AIKMount
Load the WIM      registry -
reg load
Open regedit      and browse to hklm\WimRegistry\system\controlset001\services\TPM\WMI and      add the two reg keys that
Jim mentioned
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tpm\WMI: NoAutoProvision [REG_DWORD]
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tpm\WMI: NoDisableOwnerClear [REG_DWORD]
Close regedit
Unload the WIM      registry -
reg unload HKLM\WimRegistry
Commit changes      to the WIM and unmount -
dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:C:\AIKMount
Went to MDT      2012 Update 1 and my deployment share.
Edited the      ZTIBDE.wsf script in MDT to tell it not to take ownership of the TPM. 
In that script, replace the TPMValidate      function with what I have below (I just commented out the SetTPMOwner      lines)
Function TpmValidate ()
Dim iRetVal, sCmd, sTpmOwnerPassword
iRetVal = Success
'// Set oTpm to valid instance
iRetVal = GetTpmInstance()
TestAndFail iRetVal, 6734, "Get TPM Instance"
'// Set global booleans for TPM state. Error bubble handled by subs
iRetVal    = GetTpmEnabled()
TestAndFail iRetVal, 6735, "Check to see if TPM is enabled"
iRetVal = GetTpmActivated()
TestAndFail iRetVal, 6736, "Check to see if TPM is activated"
iRetVal = GetTpmOwner()
TestAndFail iRetVal, 6737, "Check to see if TPM is owned"
iRetVal = GetTpmOwnershipAllowed()
TestAndFail iRetVal, 6738, "Check to see if TPM Ownership is allowed"
iRetVal = GetEndorsementKeyPairPresent()
oLogging.CreateEntry "TpmEnabled: " & bTpmEnabled, LogTypeInfo
oLogging.CreateEntry "TpmActivated: " & bTpmActivated, LogTypeInfo
oLogging.CreateEntry "TpmOwned: " & bTpmOwned, LogTypeInfo
oLogging.CreateEntry "TpmOwnershipAllowed: " & bTpmOwnershipAllowed, LogTypeInfo
oLogging.CreateEntry "EndorsementKeyPairPresent: " & bEndorsementKeyPairPresent, LogTypeInfo
'// Single instance check to allow future corrective action branching.
TestAndFail bTPMEnabled, 6739, "Check to see if TPM is enabled"
TestAndFail bTPMActivated, 6740, "Check to see if TPM is activated"
TestAndFail bTpmOwned or bTpmOwnershipAllowed , 6741, "Check to see if TPM is owned and ownership is allowed"
If bTpmOwned <> True AND bTpmOwnershipAllowed = True Then
If oEnvironment.Item("TpmOwnerPassword") <> "" Then
oLogging.CreateEntry "TPM Ownership being intiated.", LogTypeInfo
'iRetVal = SetTpmOwner(oEnvironment.Item("TpmOwnerPassword"))
TestAndFail iRetVal, 6741, "TPM Owner Password set"
ElseIf oEnvironment.Item("AdminPassword") <> "" Then
oLogging.CreateEntry "TPM Ownership being intiated with [email protected] (not [email protected]).", LogTypeInfo
'iRetVal = SetTpmOwner(oEnvironment.Item("AdminPassword"))
TestAndFail iRetVal, 6742, "TPM Owner [email protected] set to [email protected]"
oLogging.CreateEntry "TPM Ownership being intiated with Default [email protected] (not [email protected]).", LogTypeInfo
'iRetVal = SetTpmOwner("M0nksH00d!4T3al")
TestAndFail iRetVal, 6743, "Set TPM Owner [email protected] to value"
End If
End If
TpmValidate = Success
End Function
Grab the      StartMBAMEncryption.wsf script from
and edit out those same lines as above.
Added the      following files to an MDT application.      
Set the app to run cscript.exe startmbamencryption.wsf      /MBAMServiceEndPoint:http://<yourmbamserver>/MBAMRecoveryAndHardwareService/CoreService.svc
Added the MBAM      agent installer as an application
Added the MBAM      agent to the task sequence
Added the Start      MBAM Encryption app to the task sequence
Set      OSDBitLockerMode=TPM and IsBDE=True in customsettings.ini
Made sure this was a bare metal machine where the TPM was clear (for testing, you can clear it from the BIOS, just make sure it is activated).
Ran the TS on      the box.
BitLocker was pre-provisioned and activated, and MBAM took ownership of the TPM which escrowed the OwnerAuth info to MBAM.
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