Top N Product items Gross Sales as percentage of column

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Hi everyone,
I'm using OBIEE
I want to show in a pivot table Top N Product Gross Sales by Market as percentage of columns (N is a presentation variable of a variable prompt) .
Below an example of OBIEE wrong behaviour and the expected one:
-All Products:
Market: UK, N = 15
Product % Gross Sales
A 18,4%
B 15,3%
C 9,0%
D 5,0%
- Top 2 Products (OBIEE wrong behaviour)
Market: UK, N = 2
Product % Gross Sales
A 54,5%
B 45,5%
- Top 2 Products (expected correct behaviour)
Market: UK, N = 2
Product % Gross Sales
A 18,4%
B 15,3%
How can i get the correct behaviour?
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Make sure your config is similar as below
Your promot colum suppose to be as below, to pass the number to report
SELECT TOPN("%sales",15) FROM SubjactArea order by Product
In your report you should have column with expression
TOPN("%Sales", cast(@{N}{2} as int))
Pls mark correct/helpful if helps
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