ThunderBolt to HDMI with a DVI to HDMI (MacPro OS 10.9.1)

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I'm a college student and have an old ViewSonic monitor that was given to me. So I went out and got a DVI to HDMi adapter so that I can play around with a Raspberry PI.I also thought that this would allow me to plug my Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter in as well and work fine. But for some reason the monitor shuts off and is telling me nothing is detected. I know that the thunderbolt adapter is working fine with my tv. For some reason my computer is telling me nothing is plugged in to the thunderbolt. I was wondering if anyone knew of a work around or a cheap solution to my problem?
- Taylor
which MB are you using?
is it a thunderbolt or a minidisplay port?
does it appear under the Hardware/Thunderbolt section?
could it be a loose connection?
FYI, i've previously used a 3rd party HDMI adaptor on a mid2010 (mini displayport MBP) and had to wriggle it abit to get it connected to my HDMI TV
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