Thumbnails taking huge amount of space?

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I'm considering migrating my iPhoto library to Aperture, and the one thing that is concerning me the most is the amount of space it takes, particularly thumbnails.
The previews don't seem to be taking that much, but thumbnails do. I haven't done any too-extensive tests but from what I see, the "AP.*" files inside an ".approject" seem to be huge.
eg: one project that has 11MB worth of photos has:
- 27MB AP.Thumbnails file
- 6MB AP.Minis file
This means that these "thumbnails" are actually over 3 times the size of the actual pictures :O Now I have 3MP JPEGs in those folders and I'm sure the ratio between thumbs and RAWs for instance is much lower, but still this is a significant chunk of space :/
In comparison an entire iPhoto library of mine is 6GB and the thumbnails in it take up 250MB.
Is there anything that can be done about this? thx
Hi Eric,
The .CFS files located under D:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\Data\PlatformSearchData are files used by Lucene, a text search engine that is used by the Platform Search Service of your Adaptive Processing server for Indexing.
Check the attached link for more information on this issue:
BI4 Platform Search application
Hope this helps.
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