There was a problem connecting to the server "my_server"

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At one time, a long time ago, I had a mount for "my_server/Our_Pictures" set up.  Now, whenever I try to do something like, say, change the background image on my desktop, I'm presented with a message saying "There was a problem connecting to the server "my_server"".  I click the "Ok" button, the dialog goes away but about 30 seconds later it's back. And it keps coming back every time I dismiss it until I reboot the machine.  I've looked around trying to find any reference to that mount but I can't find it anywhere.  Not Go -> Connect to server -> Recent servers, not anywhere in the file system, not in my login items (again, it only happens when I try to navigate somewhere in finder when, say, setting a background image for example), nowhere.
Looking at the messages that show up in, I see :
9/16/12 6:28:51.418 PM NetAuthSysAgent[22600]: smb_mount: mount failed to my_server/Our_Pictures, syserr = No such file or directory
So basically, I have two questions :
1) How can I prevent this fromm happening in the future?  Where is the reference to this server so that I can delete it
2) If 1) above is not possible for whatever reason, how can I make it so that it doesn't keep trying to connect?
NetAuthAgent (
NetAuthAgent initiates network logins for both SMB and AFP volumes. NetAuthAgent also launches an application called check_afp that is responsible for receiving messages from the server (among other things).
Let's try the quick & easy first...
Go to your Finder "Go" menu hold the option key to choose "Library"
The go to Preferences folder and find
Delete that file, then restart and test.
Did that help?
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