There is instructions on how to set up home sharing, which I followed, but there's no Home Sharing in existence in the pop-up library menus from either of our computers! Help!

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Hi! I have an iMac (mid 2011) and a MacBook Pro (mid 2012). We want to do Home Sharing
but it is not working. I have some movies on his (all of our movies and media are downloaded
with the SAME Apple ID --we share the same one) I want on mine. But after I
Turn on Home Sharing under File in BOTH of ours, nothing happens. What gives?
The things it says in the help aren't in existence. It says there's Home SHaring in the pop
up Library menu, well there is not.
Anyone know what's going on?
Hi IsACharlee,
If Home Sharing does not appear to be working after turning it on for both computers, see the additional troubleshooting steps in this article:
Troubleshooting Home Sharing
Have a good one!
- Ari
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