"The backup disk image 'Volumes...sparsebundle' is already in use" error message

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Since upgrading to Lion, I seem to be able to back up my MacBook over Wi-fi to an external hard drive attached to my Airport Extreme just fine.  However, if Time Machine is in the middle of a backup and I interrupt it by closing my MacBook hence putting it to sleep, next time my MacBook attempts a backup I get the message "This backup disk image "/Volumes....Macbook.sparsebundle" is already in use.  I've tried disconnecting all users from the hard drive in the Airport Utility, and then unplugging the hard drive and plugging it back in, and then it seems to backup fine, until I interrupt another backup, then the problem starts all over again.
I never had this problem before upgrading to Lion.  Suggestions?
NateCook, I'm experiencing the exact same issue.  I'd previously been enjoying how seamless Time Machine worked, wirelessly and automatically, to backup my MacBook Pro to a 2 TB drive attached to my Airport Extreme.  I also liked that I had the flexibility to plug that drive directly to my Mac, via FW800 or USB 2.0, if I needed to.  It would always work too, regardless of whether or not I interrupted a backup in progress.  Now, with Lion, I'm constantly getting the same  "This backup disk image "/Volumes....Macintosh.sparsebundle is already in use" error.  I fix it by restarting the Airport Extreme but that's a pain in the butt to have to do all the time.
Can you verify whether or not the recent OS X update helps fix this in any way?  Or is the situation the same for you?
I'm loathe to "give in" and buy a Time Capsule to replace this setup, but I will if I have to... I want everything to work like it did before and I'm not willing to downgrade fom Lion back to Snow Leopard over this.  I was hoping Apple would fix it properly, but since this isn't a "supported configuration" (even though we know full well it works just fine) I was afraid Apple wouldn't focus on this as a priority.
I'm also a bit fearful that the same issue will occur with a Time Capsule.. hmm... my hunch is I'll be finding out soon enough.
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