Table maintenance Validations

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Hi All,
I created a table with 2 fields, also created a maintenance generator. Now my requirement is i need to have 1-1 relation with the fields, what i mean is, no value can repeat with in either of the fields.
I need to validate this condition.
Suppose user enters a value 1234 in first field, again if he enters the same, i need to throw a error message.
I went to transaction SE54, the following is the code
  MODULE liste_initialisieren.
   tctrl_zzbank CURSOR nextline.
    MODULE liste_show_liste.
  MODULE liste_exit_command AT EXIT-COMMAND.
  MODULE liste_before_loop.
  LOOP AT extract.
    MODULE liste_init_workarea.
      FIELD zzbank-zzau1.
      FIELD zzbank-hbkid.
      MODULE set_update_flag ON CHAIN-REQUEST.
    FIELD vim_marked MODULE liste_mark_checkbox.
      FIELD zzbank-zzau1.
      MODULE liste_update_liste.
  MODULE liste_after_loop.
<b>  MODULE check_dupe.</b>
the line in bold is what i added, how do i proceed from here, could anyone please help.
Hi Deepti,
As Jorge Alonso said, if you declare both fields as key fields then SAP will take care of the validation and raise a error message .
Assuming both fields are key fields, if the records are like this.
111 222
<b>111 222</b>
then SAP will raise a error message.
Otherwise, if you don't want first or second field to be repeated any where again, then include the code in your check_dupe module.
select * from ztable into itab.
loop at itab.
if itab-first_field CS table_first_field  or itab-first_field CS table_second_field or itab-second_field CS table_first_field or itab-second_field CS table_second_field.
If sy-subrc eq 0.
MESSAGE E0004 WITH 'Duplicate key'.
Hope this will help you,
PS: Award points if helpful
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