T400 Cannot switch to energy saving graphics

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I have not been able to switch to energy saving graphics for some reason.
 I keep getting the following message.
"System cannot enable Energy-Saving Graphics
Close any 3D or video applications and disconnect external displays. Then switch graphic processors."
I've used dual monitors before, and played games before, and I've switched back and for from "Energy Saving" and "High performance" before, but it seems I can no longer do it.
I don't have anything open, and I am using 1 monitor. I even made sure that pressing "Fn+F7" it shows "Computer only".
I don't know what to do cause it's eating at my battery life when I don't even need the dedicated graphics right now. But I don't want to turn it off in the bios completely, because I need it sometimes
Have the opposite problem - not able to switch to high performance. Interested to see if the answer to this will shed light over the issue. Out of curiosity, none of you guys have a crucial m4 ssd drive installed that you've been firmware-upgrading over the past few days?
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