• EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_003,006,008 FOR ME51N, ME52N,ME53N

    I have to add a custom  filed to EBAN table. Can anybody help me with the function exit_003,006,008 regarding code. Functional Design: Short description Please enter a new numeric field "Budget" (ZZ_BUDGET) on purchase requisition item level (EB

    October 11

  • Need help in user exits

    Hi,   I am working on purchase req. enhancement,i developed a subscreen at item level with 9 fields. the screen is coming properly.when i enter data, i have to store this data in eban table. for this i append a str with those fields.How can i update

    October 11

  • Adding up a Custom Field Approver in Purchase Requisition

    Hi,   Could anyone please let me know how to addup a custom field Approver to Purchase Requistion.    Requesting you to list down the User enhancements that are available for PR Lineitems screen.    The transaction used is ME51N. Regards, GangaHi, Yo

    November 30