Switching all my iTunes data (songs, apps, etc...) to a different user...

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For a number of reasons too lengthy and boring to go into here, I needed to create a new user and use that instead of my main one.... aka "new-joshua" vs. "joshua"
I found that I need to move:
~/Library/iTunes (copy the whole folder)
Anything else to move my apps over etc. and make sure it works w my iphone?
Your making a new iTunes account? And you want to associate everything you currently have with the new account?
There is only one step you need to do, you don't need to move any files or anything else. Go to the iTunes store, in the top right corner it should say your email address (that is your iTunes account). Click on your email address, it goes to a page with your account information. Then near the bottom is a button that says edit account info, click that.
Now, change your email address. This creates a new iTunes account by default under that email address, everything else will remain the same. It will take ~1 day for all of Apple's systems to reflect this change. The next time you sync your iPhone it will associate the iPhone with the new iTunes account you created. Everything else should remain the same, you just now have a new AppleID and iTunes account.
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