Streaming TV options and Devices

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We are considering dropping cable in my house.  We have a TIVO with the capabilities of recording OTH and we analyzed most of the shows we watch and most are available OTH.
I am then considering subsidizing it with a streaming device and service.
Question for those with experience in the matter.
What devices would you recommend?  No I do not have a smart TV and do not intend on buying one.
I have been looking at Roku, NetGear etc.  what I like about NetGear is it seems to have a text search function and a little QWERTY keyboard.
We do have an XBOX 360 and I see that it will accomidate pretty much all of the services.  Further, I understand Xbox One has some advanced function in this regard but I am not in tending on buying a new console either.
Of the available services, free or other wise what are some recommendations?   I have Netflix, and that is ok for watching some streaming things, but not what I am looking for.  Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Google TV.  What I want to be able to do is find and watch current episodes (granted a day delayed) of other shows.  Things that may be on Disney or Nick that my broadcast would not pick up.
fyi.... you can have more than one streaming device.  However the challenge many of the smart TV channels may not be local and the quality is not the same.
Check your local broadcaster's website.  Often shows are available on their website.  Just plug your computer into your TV for the big screen experience.
Warning... while you get the content.  It will not be the same quality as from a cable provider.
not all streaming content is HD.  If it is HD, pay attention to the picture quality compression... it's far worse than cable.
some say sound is the other half of the TV experience.... is the stream/internet content stereo, surround, or just plan mono.
love the convenience of a PVR to record multiple channels and watch content anywhere in the house.
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