Still Can't Get BT Sport!!

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I activated my viewing card online, but only get a black picture on Sport 1 + 2.  When I ring tech support they admit there is a problem and then  transfer me, where are I held in a queue forever and eventurally hang up!!  Thought I would try my luck on here.  By the way I am a BT broadband customer and have the old BT Vision box.
My Story so far...
July. Get letter from BT, phone and switch to premium sports switch over, lose my sky sport 1 but now get BT sports etc.
Letter states ' You don't need to do anything just tune in on 1st August!'
July. Phone BT to inform them I am moving house on the 19th of August. Taking my phone number with me. All Fine.
August 2nd . BT sports on channels 58 and 59, blank screen? Phone BT , I need a viewing card, they set up the APP so I can watch on my laptop.
Tuesday 6th. Viewing card does not arrive.
Wednesday 7th. Viewing card arrives! Put it in, follow instructions, still not working. Phone BT, passed around for a few hours then get cut off!
Thursday 8th .Phone again, speak to 3 people, customer champion Gillian finally gets the card to work,both channels on 58 and 59 work! I watch some football and tennis.
Friday 9th .Vision box has updated overnight, now channels 58 and 59 are gone completely from the TV guide, also new channels have appeared on the TV guide 507,508,509 and on and on.(They do not work)
Scan for channels, reset box etc etc. Still no channels.... Read the forums on the BT website.
Checked the vision box settings: found middleware version number is now 'multicast build'
Drive to my parents house and check their BT vision box. (they signed up for BT recently on my recommendation) They have the same deal as myself. Normal Broadband,BT sport, viewing card, stay in the same town etc. 
Checked their vision box setting: Their version is '46.5 REV1512 Build'
Has my vision box been updated incorrectly, which has caused my channels to disappear?
Saturday 10th Phoned again, put on hold, had to go out so hang up.
Sunday 11th Phoned again, explained to the tech guy about this update that maybe causing this problem, he takes it on board.... Instructed to scan for channels, re set the box again etc
This does not do anything, as expected.
Tech guys talks about 'updating' but has to speak to his boss
Asks if he can phone me back. Yes, confirm he has the correct phone number, Fine.
He does not phone back...
Please help, I've been a customer for a few years now and this is starting to get a bit crazy
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