Statistical Value in MEIS for INTRASTAT reporting

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From reveiwing related posts I understand that the statistical value on the INTRASTAT report comes from a system default exchange rate that uses the average exchange rate from the border crossing rate (GRWR condition on the PO) and the exchange rate on the invoice.
What is the exact calculation that is being used to determine the statistical value on the MEIS report?
Thanks very much for the link.
We do have the GRWR conditions set up, and the statistical value is populating correctly on the PO. 
The issue I'm having is that I can't properly explain how the reported statistical value (VEIAV- GRENZEWEAK) is calculated.
For example:
GRWR on PO   572.03 EUR   5,299.22 SEK    (Ex rate: 9.26389)Goods Receipt  504.79 EUR   4,681.78 SEK    (Ex rate: 9.27470)
Freight               40.00 EUR       370.99 SEK   (Ex rate: 9.27470)Invoice              503.00 EUR   4,770.43 SEK    (Ex rate: 9.48395)
Do you know how SAP arrives at 5,405.86 SEK with these inputs?
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