[SOLVED] XFCE - Editing Applications Menu

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Hi there,
The applications menu seems to update happily in XFCE when i use pacman.. however pacman has placed some items (eg. XMMS) into an incorrect category (in this case "Other").
How can I edit the menu so that XMMS is placed into the "Multimedia" group? When I use the menu editor in XFCE, it allows me to add or remove items from the menu, EXCEPT it has an "include" entry that seems to include another menu called "system"...?
Where can i find this "system" menu??
Many thanks,
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tesjo wrote:It uses *.desktop entries of either /usr/share/applications/ or ~/.local/share applications/ just edit these file with a text editor, look at a few and you'll see how to get the group, title or icon you want in the menu.
Ah ha!
I had found the list of applications in /usr/share/applications and was trying to edit the entry for xmms, but whatever I did it didn't work, so I thought I was being silly and asked if there was a menu config file i had to use...
Turns out that there was an entry in the ~/.local/share/applications that was overwriting my changes to the /usr/share... settings! How frustrating, glad to have got it sorted lol.
Thanks for your quick advice!
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