[solved] XDG menu: possible to hide items?

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When installing applications, .desktop files can be added to /usr/share/applications resulting in new items in my XDG menu (in XFCE's panel). I know I can add items by adding .desktop files of my own in ~/.local/share/applications, but what I'd like to do is remove some items.
For example, having QT installed I got a bunch of items in my "Development" menu, from files /usr/share/applications/{assistant,designer,linguist}.desktop
I'd like to remove them, the menu items I mean, and was wondering if that is somehow possible without modifying/removing those files (so that they don't come back after every update) ?
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Alright, I got it. Thanks.
Actually I had seen that key (NoDisplay), also tried with Hidden, but I just realized why it didn't work : the files need to have the exact same name! (I had tried using the same values for Name/Exec, or same everything, but somehow always used a different file name it seems...)
In fact, it works even with files with only the following, as long as the filename matches:
[Desktop Entry]
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