[solved] qt apps look ugly in gnome 3

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Hi, All my qt apps (vlc clementine) look really ugly. They are not following the system theme. How can I fix it ?
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If by system theme you are referring to the gtk theme, then yes, of course qt won't be using the same theme because, well, it's qt. Try googling for a qt version of your gnome 3 theme. It won't look exactly the same, but that's an age old problem arising from a long long time ago.
However, if you have already set an equivalent theme for qt and it's not showing up then yes, it's a bug.
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    Hi, All my qt apps (vlc clementine) look really ugly. They are not following the system theme. How can I fix it ? Last edited by eklavya (2011-05-09 19:46:42)If by system theme you are referring to the gtk theme, then yes, of course qt won't be using

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