[Solved] Project64 (which runs via wine) won't start w/ an error

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I'm on 64 bit arch laptop trying to run project64, but the app won't start.  I installed project64 from the repo and it pulled wine as a dependancy.  Upon firsst-run I was prompted to install wine gecko and hit the install button.  This froze and I force-closed the window which then prompted me to select a language.  I got a "Program Error" message saying that pj64 encountered a serious problem and needs to close.  I then found and installed the wine_gecko package, but this didn't solve the problem.
The console outputs the following:
wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0xffffffff at address 0x7cdb9eda (thread 0009), starting debugger...
Someone please help me.
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Make sure you have the correct lib32 drivers for your graphics card, since wine is a 32 bit app. For example,m for nvidia you need the lib32-nvidia-utils package. This seems to be more of a general Wine issue rather than an issue with project64 though, but hopefully installing the correct package should help. I maintain the project64 AUR package though, so I feel like I should do my best to help, and possuibly imporve my package too if something's wrong with it Also, if that doesn't work, try running this, it will give more terminal output that could be useful (by default it uses WINEDEBUG=-all to get rid of the extra debug info and stuff wine outputs by default, but it might be helpful here):
wine "$HOME"/.project64/Project64.exe
Also, IMO, all the Mupen64plus frontends seem to be kinda crappy right now (cutemupen crashesd so I can't even try that one out...), but the one I'va had the best luck with is wxmupen64plus-hg, so give that a shot, though it does still have some issues sometimes, but it lets you configure the controllers and stuff, so that's good And if you felt like using it, you could install version 1.5 (it's in AUR too, but I haven't tested it), since version 1.5 has a GUI and it always worked great when I used to use that
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